Su-Kam Solar Solution

Su-Kam DC Solar System

- Solar DC system is the most compact and energy-efficient solar power system - Save money, make your own Electricity.

- It has an in-built solar charge controller and comes with battery, fans, lights, TV, mobile charging port that run on DC.

- Solar DC System has an inbuilt 12V / 10A MPPT Solar Charge Controller which makes system highly energy - efficient.

- Extract Maximum Power, Solor & Grid charging option and USB Port for Mobile Charging.

Solar Conversion Kit

- Solar charge controllers are powered by latest generation microprocessor and MPPT Technology.

- It makes your solar system generate maximum solar power – 30% more than ordinary charge controllers.

- The micro-processor enabled six stage charging ensures optimum charging of batteries which increases their life by 6 months.

- Increase Performance by 30%, battery Over Charge Protection, automatic Battery Selection.

Su-Kam’s solar charge controllers

- Solarcon convert any Normal Inverter into Solar Inverter and can turn any ordinary inverter-battery setup into hybrid solar power system.

- Solarcon charges the batteries in pure DC which is made by the solar panels so the charging is more efficient.

- Solarcon lets you charge batteries from solar panels instead of mains.

- High effencient Charging technology and automatic Temperature Compensation.

Brainy Solar UPS

- Brainy Solar Hybrid UPS is Su-Kam's solution to provide access to Solar Energy and is easy to install and dismantle .

- Brainy Solar Hybrid UPS is a modern artifical intelligent machine - a first in the power back - up industry.

- It is the world's first UPS to harness solar energy into electricity and use its artificial intelligence to maximize utilization of solar energy to power homes & offices.

- Brainy battery 150 Ah is sciebtifically built for optimum performance, very long life and high reliability.

- Brainy Solar Hybrid UPS can operate on both Solar Power as well as Grid Power.

Brainy Eco Solar Home Inverter

- Brainy Eco is India's best hybrid solar inverter which is perfect for your home and Intelligent Charging Sharing System.

- It functions both as a normal inverter as well as off-grid solar system because it can charge batteries through grid and solar.

- ATC Technology Keeps Battery Healthy, 30 AMP Solar Charge Controller, User Settable Grid / Solar, DT65 -6 Stage Battery Charging.

Solar Home Lighting System

- Solar Home Lighting system is a portable mini off-grid system that lets you use solar energy in an efficient and inexpensive way.

- It comes with fan, light and TV that run on DC, so that no energy is wasted in DC to AC conversion.

- Solar Homelighting System can automatically detect when the day sets and night begins and can switch on the DC light when it detects drop in power coming from solar panel.

- Solar Homelighting System lets you enjoy light and cool air from fan, your favorite TV shows and charge your phone in pure DC.

Solar Power Conditioning Unit PCU

- Su-Kam’s Solar Power Conditioning Unit serves both as solar charge controller and inverter.

- It is a unique hybrid system which can charge batteries through solar and grid. Intelligent Charging Sharing allows You to Enjoy Non-stop Power.

- PCU is intelligently designed to check the output power of the panels. Su-Kam has made its off-grid solar inverter, Solar PCU, so intelligent.

- Automatic Temperature Compensation, Smart Grid Priority Selection, Maximize Solar Power Utilzation and Solar & Grid Charging Option.

Solar MATE

- Solar Mate MPPT is a solar change controller with maximum Power Point tracking it is specially designed to work with all established module technologies.

- The advance MPPT-tracking algorithm from su-Kam assures that the maximum available power of the solar panel is used to change the batteries.

- MPPT solarMate with latest technology assures full performance in all conditions, a profeddional battery care combined with modern design .

- Maximum Power Point tracker (MPPT)Based desigh, Voltage and current regulation, PWM control, Current compensated for charging, Automation load reconnection, Temperature compensation for charging, Monthly maintenance charge.