Su-Kam Battery

Su-Kam Tubular Battery


- Unique tubular positive plates design for longer life.
- Superior active material Spectical alloy used for low maintanance of the battery.
- Plate designed with special additive to get quick recovey from deep dischange.
- Float guide vent plug for eletrolyte level indication.


- Suitable for frequent power-cuts.
- Very low maintanance & Long life.
- Eco-friendly Aqua Trap vent plugs to ensure no acid fumes.
- Quick charge acceptsnce.

Su-Kam Sealed Maintanance Free Battery


- Maintenance-free.
- Spill proof / leak proof.
- Goood high rate discharge.
- Sealed valve regulated.
- Strong battery container
- Good cyclic performance.
- Rugged and vibration.


- Solar Applications ,Uninterruptable Power Supply
- Electronic Power System (EPS).
- Emergency backup power supply
- Emergency Light.
- Railway light
- Aircraft signal
- Alarm and security system
- Electronic apparatus ans equipment
- Communication power supply
- DC power supply
- Auto control system

Su-Kam Battery Accessories

Su-Kam Battery Equaliser - Battery Balancer

- Active equalization technique based on flash micro-controller and can easy to install with batteries connected in series.

- Reduces the battery replacement, which again greatly reduces the cost.Operates in all three modes: battery charging, discharging or in idle mode.

- Works with conventional flooded lead acid batteries and SMF batteries and extends battery life and run time. Prevents over and under charge due to battery imbalance.

Battery Chargers

- Su-Kam's SMPS based, multistage, pure DC battery chargers are microprocessor controlled for fast and accurate charging of all deep-cycle batteries.

- A wide AC input voltage range enables proper delivery of a full three-stage charge, even when charging from less than perfect quality grid power or generator power.

- Protection against the reverse polarity of battery and SMPS based Constant Current Constant Voltage Charger Working at 50KHZ

- Alphanumeric LCD panel for user-friendly interface for 48V systems and LED display for 12V and 24V systems.

Su-Kam Save Guard

Su-Kam Power Guard

- Power Guard increases efficiency and acts as an insurance against power fluctuation.

- Power Guard enables stabilized voltage supply to the connected electrical appliance and electronic device.

- Power Guard is embedded with unique advanced features like Zero Voltage Switching, Zero Power Consumption and Voltage Cut-Off Display.

- Ideal for smaller household appliances like laptops, vacuum cleaners, screens, speakers, play stations etc.