Su-Kam Online UPS Syetem

TRUSTY-Mx Online UPS Series

- Trusty's double conversion circuitry detects the current and voltage output of utility power supply and it also attains high input power factor over 95%.

- The higher working efficiency of the inverter also improves the overall efficiency of the UPS and higher inversion frequency reduces the noise of the inverter as well.

- Communication Port, Extended Backup Time, Auto Self- Testing System, Modular Design, N+X Parallel Redundancy, User Selectable Output Voltage, Power Management Software.

- Trusty-Mx Series is a heavy duty power back up system especially suited for areas with chronic power shortage.

IntelliQ Series Online UPS ( DSP based )

- Intelli - Q UPS System totally isolates the load from distortion / noise that arises from the main supply.

- It ensures 100% protection to the load from the full range of power disturbance including harmonics and common mode noise.

- Ensures full charging and protection of the batteries and enhanced battery life and 100% protection to the load from full range of power disturbances.

- Full safety of highly sophisticated equipment and it eliminates disturbing and irritating noise.