Schneider Sockets


- Vivace is a slim, trim profile, pleasing to the eye, clean and refined. - Vivace is a switch and socket set that perfectly complements modern lifestyle.
- Unmarred by visible fastenings, the sleek clean lines of Vivace present a cool refined touch of style to almost any interior.
- Clean, geometrically balanced design.
- Modular design and flexible combination.
- Thin: 8mm slim at the thickest point.
- 16 AX Switches: handle additional loading and enable wider application.


- Seamless, some interior design concepts need switches to be as invisible as possible.
- Full-flat switches that could satisfy this need have been limited to luxurious electronic switches and lighting control systems.
- The revolutionary Full-Flat switch for instanding people.
- Award-winning switch range.
- Slim Full-Flat form factor enabled by patented mechanism of "impress".
- Patented “Ondicator" to indicate ON/OFF status without the need to use protruding dollies or small Neon lamps.
- Available in White, Silver Bronze, Silver Satin and Silver White colors.


- Pushing the boundaries of switch design by maximizing the jumbo dolly with slim edges.
- Pieno maintains an overall slim profile, despite the jumbo dolly, thanks to the innovative SS Mechanism and patented PerfectFace® Switch Architecture.
- High-end European aesthetics with distinctive jumbo dolly.
- SS Mechanism and patented PerfectFace® Switch Architecture for improved installation efficiency, durability and aesthetic value.
- Available in White and Lavender Silver color.


- Originally created as a control terminal for home control system.
- This hugely popular award-winning series is now redefining wall decoration with a superb full range of switches and sockets. - Forward thinking design for forward thinking people.
- NEO has distinctive horizontal operation design.
- Award-winning switch range.
- Distinctive horizontal operation design.
- Futuristic styling, LED locator and indicator


- Delivering lighting control as its high-fashion best.
- ULTI switches' unique blend of exquisite style and patented innovation is fast becoming a modern classic.
- Award-winning designer switch range.
- Slim profile, clean lines, LED backlight, and maximized space to show off exquisite materials and finishing.
- Comprehensive range including electro-mechanical switches, scene control systems, control devices for interoperable system, and products for specialized applications.
- All in an aesthetic consistency made possible by applying technological innovations.
- Available in glass, metal and painted plastic finishes.


- The conventional approach to achieve waterproof protection is to add a waterproof cover that closes over an electricity point and keeps it dry.
- But typically these covers don’t offer full-time protection.
- They must be opened to access the switch or socket.
– the protection is gone when you need it most.