Solar powered portable LED Lamps with mobile charger

- Energy efficient, eco friendly, robust portable lamp with 120 lumen light output, is a perfect lamp that best suits for demanding rural environments.
- The lamp is equipped with mobile phone charger with USB port enabling users to charge mobile phone any time.
- It features 3 brightness settings providing up to 48 hours of lighting with one day of solar charge.


- Sufficient light for comfortable reading and other day today activities in an un-electrified household.
- Water resistant up to 0.5m for 1 hour.
- Drop impact resistant from a height of 1.5m.
- Lamp floats when dropped into water.
- Adaptable to various mounting and usage conditions in any un-electrified household.
- Easy to be hand-carried by children.
- Low cost mobile phone charging for un-electrified households.
- Phosphorescent switch to locate the lamp in darkness.


- Off-Grid Households
- Small shops
- Street vendors
- Fishing boats